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Washington Dances While The Nation Burns

May 26, 2010

By Ken Hoagland

As the gears of government grind metal against metal, most citizens are worried about our economic engine seizing disastrously but most legislators take a “politics as usual” and “What, Me Worry?” attitude.

It’s the spending, stupid.

In Greece, government bribes of voters out of the national Treasury means that hairdressers and many others can retire with full pensions at age 50. An era of more and generous benefits, pay and policies funded out of taxpayers pockets now threatens the future of Greece and the entire European union and many have rightly asked, “are we next?”.

When politicians find that the shortest route to re-election is spending taxpayer’s money on special interests’ organized votes, government worker unions and pork barrel projects, even wealthy nations risk economic palsy that can cripple any chance at a healthy future.

Recent studies here in the USA have shown that federal government workers are, on average, better paid with better benefits than their counterparts in the private sector.

Since when did “public service” mean a better life for government workers than those hardworking Americans who pay the bills?

In hometowns across the nation, belts are being tightened. It’s “Hamburger Helper” for millions of American families and lavish junkets, luxury jets and gourmet meals for Members of Congress.

Although the nation is sinking in a quicksand pool of public debt, for example, Congress recently voted to buy itself eight shiny new, top of the line luxury jets. Apparently, military transports were not considered quite posh enough for foreign junkets and travel back to home districts by those at the top.

So that Congress can enjoy the “Life Style of the Rich and Famous” the $500 million for these new jets was borrowed from China and other foreign lenders on the promise that our children and grandchildren will pay the money back, with interest. Add on the multi-million cost of maintenance, jet fuel and pilots on top of the initial price tag.

When we tax generations of American who have not even yet been born we are repeating the very thing that inspired our ancestors to revolt and form our nation — it’s “taxation without representation” all over again.

That tax revolt led to the creation of the greatest nation in the history of mankind — the United States of America. But the noble vision of a free people, unencumbered by the petty whims and lavish lifestyles of an aristocracy is now in danger.

Like teenagers who have stolen their parent’s credits card, our elected officials are drunk with runaway spending on themselves that now totals — at the federal level alone — more than $500,000 per American household!

There is only one force strong enough to stop this immoral theft of our children’s and grandchildren’s future earnings and our destructive headlong rush toward an economic cliff — the American people themselves.

The Online Tax Revolt demands fundamental tax reform as the means to monitor and control the irresponsible spending that almost guarantees a stormy, hardpan future for us and generations of Americans to come.

Rather than rushing to copy European nations, we at the Online Tax Revolt must remind our elected officials what is happening in Greece, that we know an American Value Added Tax is nothing more than a “Trojan Horse” for even more corrupt government spending and that every penny taken from our pockets for government is a penny unavailable for job creation, savings and the pursuit of happiness, itself.

In the history of the nation, this is an “All Hands on Deck!” moment that will define whether we sink into second rate status as a “has been” nation eclipsed by China, India and other emerging economic powers or whether we return to a healthy and promised status of a nation controlled by its citizens for the good of its citizens.

We can be a nation that spends it’s citizen’s wealth on the best interests of political insiders or a nation that learns the lessons of history and struggling nations and makes good on the Founding Father’s promise of government controlled and restrained by its citizens.

It’s up to us.

Ken Hoagland, Chairman
Online Tax Revolt