Passionate Central FL Musicians Grips Sound Light and Stage Engineers

As a man, I suck. Let me explain: Scripture says that every man has sinned and when we compare ourselves to the Glory of God? We fall short. (really big understatement) This, of course forces us,,, me, you and every person alive for that matter, to consider how important it is for us to have God living in us and helping us to become “right,” or Righteous. Right? humor

If you are anything like me, having a relationship with God where he is living in me causes me to see with surprising clarity,,, how messed up I really am! Yup, “I suck without God!” And I need him.

Check it:
We are launching a cool new “gathering” called “Saturday Nights-Unplugged” that will begin on Saturday the 19th of June and every Saturday there after @ Faithworld in Leesburg.

We are young Apostolic’s, committed to a manifestation of God’s power in Florida and beyond. The “Saturday Night Unplugged” Praise Team is on a “Journey” to bring a fresh new sound to Central Florida that is progressive and fosters a heavy focus on creating an atmosphere where we can go deeper in our worship and our praise every time we meet.

We believe we must offer up the very best when it comes to our talents and we are looking for others that feel the same.

We desire to create the greatest band anywhere in Central FL, or beyond,,, and a group that would be committed to their passion for great music, even if they were not going to get paid.

Of course we anticipate rapid growth and as we grow, so will the budget. As the budget grows large enough to support the band, we will expect band, sound and stage members to become paid staff.

Does this sound at all like what you have in mind for your talents? Please let me know.

Chris Kronenberger



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